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IT'S TIME TO VENTURE OUT THERE my friend! A world of opportunity awaits you. It's time to reinvigorate yourself. Move. Explore. And Travel. The future of Nursing is NOW! It's time to live a life that makes YOU happy, where you feeling trapped in life or feeling the need to settle is yesterday's headlines. It seems easy enough to do, right?! But many of us are...just here...stuck...not necessarily alive...nor truly living.  In this modern day and age, reward yourself!


It's time to check off that bucket list. Plan, save and actually go on that dream vacation! Relocate completely to a new city! And heck! Retire early! Perhaps your daily routine at work and in life is a bit mundane and predictable? Or maybe your nursing career could simply use a boost or you're just ready for a new and exciting challenge. Join the movement! You deserve it. I want to help you escape the toils of the rat race,  cheat burnout and a predictable daily routine to transition to a healthy lifestyle and work-style you will never regret. All this begins with having a concrete and relatively clear lifestyle blueprint with the very best tools to optimize your life experiences, build an adventuresome, and rather lucrative, career for an exceptionally rich life. 'How can I do that?' you're wondering. Travel Nursing! 

Embark on YOUR very own adventures in wanderlust and become a world conscious travel nurse.

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Understand Your Salary

Travel nurses earn on average 15-50% more than staff nurses including shift differential. Learn the five factors influencing traveler pay rates and exactly how YOU can instantly boost your salary!

Find Travel Nursing Companies

The key to a successful career in Travel Nursing is to work with a high powered Travel Nursing company. Learn what to look for to avoid being cheated with mediocre companies.

Guaranteed Travel Nursing Success

Find out how to embark on the Travel Nursing success path now by tailoring your current experience for optimal success in a career in Travel Nursing. 

Bringing Your Family

Travel nursing has many benefits, including the chance to bring your family along with you. That could be a significant other, children or your pets! Learn personal tips on how to balance your travel schedule with your family life so it is a win/win opportunity.

It takes a lot of time to search the internet trying to find answers to your questions, so I sought out the advise of an expert to make my journey easier!

Going to work every day to a job that is un-fulfilling was draining me. I knew something was missing. Signing up for the Modern Traveler’s email training series was one of the best things I could have done! 

{The Modern Traveler's} expert guidance quickly steered me in the right direction. I can confidently say that I am now on the path that I want to be on."

Sarah H.  Buffalo, NY


Travel Nursing eBook

The Elite Traveler


Looking for a true-to-life insider’s blueprint to help you maximize your career as a travel nurse? You’ve come to the right place! The Elite Traveler is an all encompassing tool on how to kick start your nursing career into high gear and navigate your way to becoming part of today’s Travel Nursing elite!

In The Elite Traveler, here are just a few things you will learn:

  • 5 Fail Proof tools for Travel Nursing Success.
  • How to Get In, Get Out and Get Paid by taking Travel Nursing assignments in high paying cities!
  • The importance of Travel Nursing contract negotiations.
  • 4 Key Steps to designing Your Ideal Travel Nurse Lifestyle.
  • How to develop your Lucrative Mindset to achieve your financial and personal goals!
  • The SECRET to Unforgettable Luxury Housing you don’t have to pay!
  • Why expanding your skills could put you in even greater demand

Currently in:  New York City

As a former travel nurse for years, I only wish that this book was available when I started traveling. Unfortunately, I had to learn many of these tactics the hard way and on my own. This book is the key to a traveler’s success.

Jennifer has captured the sure-fire recipe of how to be your best businessperson when dealing with travel nursing staffing companies, housing issues, and what to do with your new found income. She is uncovering the secrets that other travelers hold so dearly and are reluctant to share! This is a must read!”

Tony J. Dallas, TX


What Is Travel Nursing?

A modern day nursing assignment concept and career opportunity developed in response to today’s ever-looming nursing shortage.  Identified as a truly unique industry underneath the Healthcare umbrella, Travel Nursing temporarily relocates exceptionally qualified nurses to various healthcare facilities across the country and around the world.

Travel Nursing provides an excellent opportunity to gain experience in a variety of specialties as each assignment adds depth and diversity to your resume. With the ability to gain greater control over your work/life balance and create an ever-widening and diverse group of friends from across the United States and around the world, it’s no wonder Travel Nursing is becoming the career path of choice for healthcare professionals!

Enjoy learning from those you meet, and work with, to gain a new-found appreciation for varying healthcare practices, differing perspectives and ways of life. Developing new relationships amongst new friends and co-workers can provide an enriching dimension to your personal and professional life. The vibrant career of travel nursing affords you the opportunity to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, and most importantly, on your terms.


become a global citizen - made in

Miami - New York - London - Dubai - Maldives

Where will your travels take you?

Learn more about the privileged career of travel nursing and how to also gain trusted allies in the industry helping you build and maintain the lifestyle most meaningful to you, with ease. Join The Modern Travel Nurse and become a part of today’s Travel Nursing elite.